Los Angeles Times, Friday, April 30 ,2004

Bursting with youthful energy

"Claire Browne's enchanting new works at the Newspace Gallery exude vitality -- youthful vitality coming from a mature artist. Browne, who lives in L.A., received a bachelor's degree in English in 1959 and earned a master of fine arts from the Claremont Graduate School in 1978. Her drawings on canvas ("drawn paintings," according to the press release) feel fresh and alive, charmingly casual yet thoughtful.

There's some playful friction right from the start in Browne's choice of media. She draws in pencil on gessoed canvas, sort of a T-shirt and tux combination, the informal doodle sprawled over the formally prepared surface. Her marks are simple circles, outlined, filled in and often with a smaller dot within. Some are as small as the head of a pin and others the size of a fingerprint. They cluster and form chains, seemingly organically, accreting into dense, vibrant fields that often extend over the edges and onto the sides of the canvases."

-Leah Ohlman, Los Angeles Times, Friday, April 30, 2004

"Browne draws vast clusters of symbiotic circles, ink drawings on collaged canvases stretched over hard wood. Working from intuition and an innate desire to explore the unknown, Browne creates sensations and feelings of nebulae simultaneously suggesting macro and microcosms - fragments of marks expanding or contracting between intersections of art and science."

- Joni Gordon, Newspace Gallery

"Browne's perceptions and consciousness are found in her instinctive trackless marks. Her space is inhabited by successive spheres in abandoned patterns which reflect a history informed by the likes of artists such as Agnes Martin, Vija Celmins, and Louise Bourgeois. These ink drawn paintings reflect patterns of the natural world which materialize within an artist's unconsciousness."

- Joni Gordon, Newspace Gallery

"The fifteen color pencil drawings executed on gessoed canvas that comprise Claire Browne's exhibition titled Mind Time both elevate and celebrate drawing as an end in itself...Here the structured and linear pacing of the clock and calendar, however rhythmic, give way to a more quantum driven and quirky experience of time as something abstract, erratic, unpredictable..."

- Andy Brumer, Artweek


One and Two Person Exhibitions:

2005 "The Box Show" Davis and Kline Galleries, Ashland, OR

2004 "Mind Time" Newspace, Los Angeles, CA 2002 "Unknown" Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1992 "Interior Fragments" San Bernardino Valley College Gallery, San Bernardino, CA

1991 "Huts Boxes Dwellings" DA Gallery, Pomona, CA

1983 "New Paintings" Riverside Art Museum/Gallery, Riverside, CA

1982 "Recent Work on Paper" Claremont Graduate University Gallery, Claremont, CA

Selected Exhibitions:

2016 "Visions and Revisions: A Five-Year Conversation" Jeffery Thomas Fine Arts, Portland, OR

2014 "4x4" Rochester Arts Center, Rochester, NY

2012 "Gallery Artists" Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2006 "Good to Go" Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2003 "New Works" Andrewshire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2002 "In the Mind's Eye: Intersections of Art and Science" Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, Scripps College, Claremont, CA

1995 "Spare (P)art" SITE Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1994 "Get Back" Claremont Graduate School Alumni Exhibition, Claremont Graduate School Galleries, Claremont, CA

1993 "Best Foot Forward" The Drawing Room Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

         "Double Vision" Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA

         "Unification: Cultures in Collusion" FHP Hippodrome Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (Juror: Artist Betye Saar)

         "In Site - Out of Site" Platt Gallery, University of Judaism, Los Angeles, CA

         "Black and White" Long Beach Arts, Long Beach, CA

1992 "San Bernardino County Art Faculty Exhibition" San Bernardino College Gallery, San Bernardion, CA

          Art Faculty Exhibition, Norman F. Feldheym Galleries, San Bernardino, CA

1991 "Cycles" Brand Library and Art Gallery, Glendale, CA

1989 "Kern County Artists" Bakersfield Art Gallery, Bakersfield, CA


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Additional Activities:

2016 Panel Discussions, Jeffrey Thomas Fine Arts, Portland, OR

2000 Artist Lecture, Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, Scripps College, Claremont, CA

1995 Visiting Artist Lecture, California Institute for Women, Chino, CA

1994 Visiting Artist Lecture, Metropolitan State Hospital, Norwalk, CA

1992 Visiting Artist Lecture on "Interior Fragments" Exhibition, San Bernardino Valley College, San Bernardino, CA

1988 Printmaking Workshop, Bakersfield, CA


Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA, Master of Fine Arts

Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL, Bachelor of Fine Arts in English Literature

California Sate University, Los Angeles, CA, Master of Teaching English as a Second Language